If you have a lot of questions from potential customers coming to your smartphone via text or email, it can be difficult to provide thorough responses to each of them – especially if you get them in the middle of a paint job.  But if you really want to seal the deal on a paint job, there are four things you need to include when responding to potential customers:

An answer to their question – Sometimes, people will ask questions you can answer quickly – “Can you seal a deck for me?”  Sometimes, they’ll ask for things you can’t provide over the phone, such as a price quote for a paint job in a house you’ve never seen.   Either way, when responding to potential customers make sure to acknowledge the question, and either answer it or tell them what you’ll need in order to answer it.

A next step – Once they get their answer, don’t let them move on to something else and forget about you!  Ask if they’re ready to take the next step, whether that’s a phone call or a visit for a price quote.

A place they can learn more about you – Whether it’s a Facebook page or your website, make sure to send customers somewhere where they can learn more about the work you’ve done, including pictures and reviews.  If they become convinced that you do great work, they may stop calling other painters, putting you in the lead position to get the job.

A request for the job!  If you’re hoping to secure the work, make sure to say so!  Customers know that painters provide better service when they are excited to have the business, and that service suffers when a painting contractor is already over-booked.

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