Why do people start businesses?  It seems like everyone has a different answer to the question.  Do most of them hate their bosses?  Do they want control of their own schedule?  Do they want to make more money?

One recent study makes an interesting point. Successful business owners need several traits that don’t show up on a resume – they need to be willing to do whatever task is required, for instance, and to keep focused and motivated even during tough times.

Employers, including painting contractors, don’t have any way to see these traits on a resume. Even if they did, they don’t have an easy way to measure them.  Because of that, people with these traits are often underpaid and given jobs that don’t allow them to use these abilities.  They quickly realize they could do better on their own.

If you think about it, this is the same challenge that great painting contractors face when marketing and selling their services.

Anyone can brag about how they show up on time, how well they do their job, and how clean they’ll leave the house.  But if you don’t have a quick way to prove all of those things, customers will just use the one measuring stick they have for each painting company – their price.

Fortunately, businesses have one option that job-seekers don’t – a web presence.  Because most potential customers believe that the quality of a paint job can be measured in the time it takes to view a few pictures, it can be quickly evaluated online.  Because dozens of customers can leave great reviews, you can get an idea of how happy a painting contractor’s average customer is – not just their best three references.  And because these things can be made available to anyone who’s looking for them, you don’t have to go find customers – they can find you.

That’s why a web presence is so important for a painting company. With a powerful web presence, your customers can determine a fair price for your quality work.  Without one, they can only determine whether your price is the lowest one they can find.

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