There are plenty of reasons a painting business ends up with multiple websites.  Maybe your old provider never bothered to take your website down.  Maybe a friend offered to build you one years ago, but it didn’t perform well so you bought one from a professional website company.  You might have even already had a website when another company called and convinced you to give them a try.

As a company that builds and manages websites for painters, it would be great if we could tell you that having multiple websites is the way to go – but it isn’t.  The painting contractors who show up highest in the search engine results generally have only one website.

The reason is simple.  Google’s job is to return the most relevant individual websites for the search.  If you’ve got two or more websites, they’re competing with each other for attention, which hurts your business.  That doesn’t mean you can’t have a Facebook page in addition to your website, or a Google My Business profile.  (In fact, each of those will help your website search better when it is linked to them.) It just means you should only have one website.

Think of it this way – if you were in a competition to paint the most houses in a neighborhood, would you start painting in the neighborhood next door, too?  If you did, you would probably get beaten by someone who focused only on painting in the original neighborhood while you divided your resources between the two neighborhoods.

While two websites won’t help you search better, there are plenty of other things that will, such as great reviews, a social media presence, or more content on your site.

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