Professional painters know that a fresh coat of paint can provide a range of benefits, from home protection to homeowner happiness.  It can also improve a home’s resale value, of course.  But did you know that certain colors have been proven to bring in more money?

When it comes to color, trends come and go. That’s true for clothing, vehicles, paint, and many other things.  Bringing a home in line with the current trends can raise the resale value of the home significantly.

A recent study from Zillow found that specific colors of paint can increase a home’s value significantly more than others.  Blue, for instance, is a particularly popular color for home purchasers right now; homes with blue bathrooms netted over $5,000 more than expected, while blue kitchens brought in nearly $2,000 more than expected.  In fact, blue paint brought in more value nearly everywhere in the house – the dining room, bedrooms and even the door!

Blue wasn’t the only recommended color.  Brown living rooms were worth an extra $1,900, while gray-beige exteriors yielded $3,500 in extra home value compared to medium brown or stucco.

Ultimately, color is a personal preference, and many painters are careful to stay away from commenting on their customers’ color choices.  However, it’s worth remembering that choosing the right color of paint can increase a home’s value beyond the cost of having it painted.  If the customer is planning on selling the house soon in a hot market, careful color selections may result in a value add of two to three times what was spent on the painting project!  While there are plenty of ways to convince a customer to pursue a paint job, few are as effective as showing them how it will more than pay for itself!

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