If you use social media personally, you know how helpful it can be to keep up with family and friends.  Pictures and stories that used to be shared once a decade at class reunions are now available every day, along with the memes and funny videos that keep people addicted to these platforms for hours at a time.

You probably also know what types of stuff you don’t like on your social media feed.   Advertising, like coupons and weekly promotions, from brands you rarely interact with is quickly scrolled past by nearly everyone.  Social media companies like Facebook and Twitter know this – and they don’t show that stuff unless companies pay them a lot of money to do it.  Save your money.

The reality is that social media platforms are a great place for painting contractors to advertise, as long as you aren’t actually advertising.  Share funny pictures.  Tell people stories about customers, or customer service.  Show people how a room can improve with a new wall color.  If you’re keeping the people who follow you engaged with non-promotional content, an occasional message about a promotion you’re running won’t hurt you too much.  But if you’re selling on social media, nobody will be buying, because nobody will be looking.

Another thing to think about when you’re posting on Facebook specifically is that Facebook doesn’t want its users to leave the Facebook page or app.  That means that, if you link to a website that isn’t on the Facebook platform in one of your posts, Facebook is much less likely to show the post to its users.  So no matter how tempting it might be to get a user to follow a link to your website, avoid the urge to do it.

The easiest way to use social media effectively as a business tool is to imagine yourself as a customer instead of a business owner when you’re posting.  Ask yourself, if this post showed up in my feed, would it make my experience better or worse?  If it would improve your day, that’s a good sign that your content is good – and that social media platforms will show it to users who know and follow you.

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